MaterialX 1.38.8
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MaterialXRender Directory Reference


file  Camera.h [code]
file  CgltfLoader.h [code]
 GLTF format loader using the Cgltf library.
file  Export.h [code]
 Macros for declaring imported and exported symbols.
file  GeometryHandler.h [code]
 Geometry loader interfaces.
file  Harmonics.h [code]
 Spherical harmonics functionality.
file  Image.h [code]
 Image class.
file  ImageHandler.h [code]
 Image handler interfaces.
file  LightHandler.h [code]
 Handler for hardware lights.
file  Mesh.h [code]
 Mesh interfaces.
file  OiioImageLoader.h [code]
 Image loader wrapper using OpenImageIO

file  ShaderMaterial.h [code]
 ShaderMaterial helper classes.
file  ShaderRenderer.h [code]
 Base class for shader rendering.
file  StbImageLoader.h [code]
 Image loader using the stb image library.
file  TextureBaker.h [code]
 Texture baking functionality.
file  Timer.h [code]
 Support for event timing.
file  TinyObjLoader.h [code]
 OBJ geometry format loader using the TinyObj library.
file  Types.h [code]
 Data types for rendering functionality.
file  Util.h [code]
 Rendering utility methods.