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Image.h File Reference

Image class. More...

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class  Image
 Class representing an image in system memory. More...


using ImagePtr = shared_ptr< Image >
 A shared pointer to an image.
using ConstImagePtr = shared_ptr< const Image >
 A shared pointer to a const image.
using ImageMap = std::unordered_map< string, ImagePtr >
 A map from strings to images.
using ImageVec = std::vector< ImagePtr >
 A vetor of images.
using ImagePair = std::pair< ImagePtr, ImagePtr >
 A pair of images.
using ImageBufferDeallocator = std::function< void(void *)>
 A function to perform image buffer deallocation.
using UnsignedIntPair = std::pair< unsigned int, unsigned int >
 A pair of unsigned integers.


MX_RENDER_API ImagePtr createUniformImage (unsigned int width, unsigned int height, unsigned int channelCount, Image::BaseType baseType, const Color4 &color)
 Create a uniform-color image with the given properties.
MX_RENDER_API ImagePtr createImageStrip (const vector< ImagePtr > &imageVec)
 Create a horizontal image strip from a vector of images with identical resolutions and formats.
MX_RENDER_API UnsignedIntPair getMaxDimensions (const vector< ImagePtr > &imageVec)
 Compute the maximum width and height of all images in the given vector.

Detailed Description

Image class.