MaterialX 1.38.10
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Mesh.h File Reference

Mesh interfaces. More...

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class  MeshStream
 Class to represent a mesh data stream. More...
class  MeshPartition
 Class that describes a sub-region of a mesh using vertex indexing. More...
class  Mesh
 Container for mesh data. More...


using MeshIndexBuffer = vector< uint32_t >
 Geometry index buffer.
using MeshFloatBuffer = vector< float >
 Float geometry buffer.
using MeshStreamPtr = shared_ptr< class MeshStream >
 Shared pointer to a mesh stream.
using MeshStreamList = vector< MeshStreamPtr >
 List of mesh streams.
using MeshPartitionPtr = shared_ptr< class MeshPartition >
 Shared pointer to a mesh partition.
using MeshPtr = shared_ptr< class Mesh >
 Shared pointer to a mesh.
using MeshList = vector< MeshPtr >
 List of meshes.
using MeshMap = std::unordered_map< string, MeshPtr >
 Map from names to meshes.

Detailed Description

Mesh interfaces.