MaterialX 1.38.10
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ShaderNode.h File Reference

Classes for nodes created during shader generation. More...

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struct  ShaderMetadata
 Metadata to be exported to generated shader. More...
class  ShaderMetadataRegistry
 A registry for metadata that will be exported to the generated shader if found on nodes and inputs during shader generation. More...
class  ShaderPortFlag
 Flags set on shader ports. More...
class  ShaderPort
 An input or output port on a ShaderNode. More...
class  ShaderInput
 An input on a ShaderNode. More...
class  ShaderOutput
 An output on a ShaderNode. More...
class  ShaderNode
 Class representing a node in the shader generation DAG. More...
class  ShaderNode::Classification
 Flags for classifying nodes into different categories. More...


using ShaderPortPtr = shared_ptr< class ShaderPort >
 Shared pointer to a ShaderPort.
using ShaderInputPtr = shared_ptr< class ShaderInput >
 Shared pointer to a ShaderInput.
using ShaderOutputPtr = shared_ptr< class ShaderOutput >
 Shared pointer to a ShaderOutput.
using ShaderNodePtr = shared_ptr< class ShaderNode >
 Shared pointer to a ShaderNode.
using ShaderInputVec = vector< ShaderInput * >
 A vector of ShaderInput pointers.
using ShaderMetadataVec = vector< ShaderMetadata >
using ShaderMetadataVecPtr = shared_ptr< ShaderMetadataVec >
using ShaderMetadataRegistryPtr = shared_ptr< ShaderMetadataRegistry >

Detailed Description

Classes for nodes created during shader generation.