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HwImplementation Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for HwImplementation:
ShaderNodeImpl GlslImplementation HwBitangentNode HwFrameNode HwNormalNode HwPositionNode HwTangentNode HwTimeNode HwViewDirectionNode

Public Member Functions

bool isEditable (const ShaderInput &input) const override
 Returns true if an input is editable by users. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ShaderNodeImpl
virtual const string & getTarget () const
 Return an identifier for the target used by this implementation. More...
virtual void initialize (const InterfaceElement &element, GenContext &context)
 Initialize with the given implementation element. More...
const string & getName () const
 Return the name of this implementation.
size_t getHash () const
 Return a hash for this implementation. More...
virtual void addInputs (ShaderNode &node, GenContext &context) const
 Add additional inputs on a node. More...
virtual void setValues (const Node &node, ShaderNode &shaderNode, GenContext &context) const
 Set values for additional inputs on a node. More...
virtual void addClassification (ShaderNode &node) const
 Add additional classifications on a node. More...
virtual void createVariables (const ShaderNode &node, GenContext &context, Shader &shader) const
 Create shader variables needed for the implementation of this node (e.g. More...
virtual void emitFunctionDefinition (const ShaderNode &node, GenContext &context, ShaderStage &stage) const
 Emit function definition for the given node instance. More...
virtual void emitFunctionCall (const ShaderNode &node, GenContext &context, ShaderStage &stage) const
 Emit the function call or inline source code for given node instance in the given context. More...
virtual void emitOutputVariables (const ShaderNode &node, GenContext &context, ShaderStage &stage) const
 Emit declaration and initialization of output variables to use in a function call.
virtual ShaderGraphgetGraph () const
 Return a pointer to the graph if this implementation is using a graph, or returns nullptr otherwise. More...
virtual bool isEditable (const ShaderInput &) const
 Returns true if an input is editable by users. More...
virtual bool isEditable (const ShaderGraphInputSocket &) const
 Returns true if a graph input is accessible by users. More...

Protected Types

enum  Space { MODEL_SPACE = 0 , OBJECT_SPACE = 1 , WORLD_SPACE = 2 }

Static Protected Attributes

static const string SPACE = "space"
 Internal string constants.
static const string INDEX = "index"
static const string GEOMPROP = "geomprop"

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ShaderNodeImpl
 ShaderNodeImpl ()
 Protected constructor.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ShaderNodeImpl
string _name
size_t _hash

Member Function Documentation

◆ isEditable()

bool isEditable ( const ShaderInput ) const

Returns true if an input is editable by users.

Editable inputs are allowed to be published as shader uniforms and hence must be presentable in a user interface. By default all inputs are considered to be editable.

Reimplemented from ShaderNodeImpl.

Reimplemented in GeomPropValueNodeGlsl.

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