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UnitSystem Class Reference

Base unit system support. More...

#include <UnitSystem.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual const string & getName () const
 Return the UnitSystem name.
virtual void setUnitConverterRegistry (UnitConverterRegistryPtr registry)
 Assign unit converter registry replacing any previous assignment.
virtual UnitConverterRegistryPtr getUnitConverterRegistry () const
 Returns the currently assigned unit converter registry.
virtual void loadLibrary (DocumentPtr document)
 assign document with unit implementations replacing any previously loaded content.
bool supportsTransform (const UnitTransform &transform) const
 Returns whether this unit system supports a provided transform.
ShaderNodePtr createNode (ShaderGraph *parent, const UnitTransform &transform, const string &name, GenContext &context) const
 Create a node to use to perform the given unit space transformation.
virtual NodeDefPtr getNodeDef (const UnitTransform &transform) const
 Returns a nodedef for a given transform.

Static Public Member Functions

static UnitSystemPtr create (const string &target)
 Create a new UnitSystem.

Static Public Attributes

static const string UNITSYTEM_NAME = "default_unit_system"

Protected Member Functions

 UnitSystem (const string &target)

Protected Attributes

UnitConverterRegistryPtr _unitRegistry
DocumentPtr _document
string _target

Detailed Description

Base unit system support.

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