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GeometryLoader Class Referenceabstract

Base class representing a geometry loader. More...

#include <GeometryHandler.h>

Inheritance diagram for GeometryLoader:
CgltfLoader TinyObjLoader

Public Member Functions

const StringSetsupportedExtensions () const
 Returns a list of supported extensions. More...
virtual bool load (const FilePath &filePath, MeshList &meshList, bool texcoordVerticalFlip=false)=0
 Load geometry from disk. More...

Protected Attributes

StringSet _extensions

Detailed Description

Base class representing a geometry loader.

A loader can be associated with one or more file extensions.

Member Function Documentation

◆ load()

virtual bool load ( const FilePath filePath,
MeshList meshList,
bool  texcoordVerticalFlip = false 
pure virtual

Load geometry from disk.

Must be implemented by derived classes.

filePathPath to file to load
meshListList of meshes to update
texcoordVerticalFlipFlip texture coordinates in V when loading
True if load was successful

Implemented in CgltfLoader, and TinyObjLoader.

◆ supportedExtensions()

const StringSet & supportedExtensions ( ) const

Returns a list of supported extensions.

List of support extensions

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