MaterialX 1.38.10
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Library.h File Reference

Library-wide includes and types. More...

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using StringStream = std::stringstream
 A string stream.
using ShaderPtr = shared_ptr< Shader >
 Shared pointer to a Shader.
using ShaderStagePtr = shared_ptr< ShaderStage >
 Shared pointer to a ShaderStage.
using ShaderGeneratorPtr = shared_ptr< ShaderGenerator >
 Shared pointer to a ShaderGenerator.
using ShaderNodeImplPtr = shared_ptr< ShaderNodeImpl >
 Shared pointer to a ShaderNodeImpl.
using GenContextPtr = shared_ptr< GenContext >
 Shared pointer to a GenContext.
template<class T >
using CreatorFunction = shared_ptr< T >(*)()

Detailed Description

Library-wide includes and types.

This file should be the first include for any public header in the MaterialXGenShader library.