Developer Reference

Developer Guide

The Developer Guide contains an overview for building and installing MaterialX C++ and Python, along with detailed documentation for the MaterialX C++ API.

Example Code

The MaterialX Unit Tests are a validation suite for the MaterialX C++ libraries, and can provide a useful guide for coding patterns in MaterialX C++.

The Python Code Examples folder contains a collection of standalone Python scripts that build upon the MaterialX Python API.

Example MaterialX Files

The Example Materials folder of the MaterialX distribution provides examples of uniform, procedural, and textured materials based on a variety of shading models:

See the BxDF Libraries folder for the MaterialX graph definitions of each of these shading models.

AMD maintains the GPUOpen MaterialX Library, providing a wide variety of MaterialX examples under a Creative Commons license. The library is well-organized and searchable, with support for real-time preview, web API integration, and contributions from the community.

The Physically Based database is another useful resource, providing downloadable reference materials in the MaterialX format.

Discussion Forum

The Academy Software Foundation Slack is the central discussion forum for the MaterialX project, with a dedicated #materialx channel that is open to the entire community. This venue is appropriate for general questions, feature requests, and discussion of the MaterialX project as a whole.

MaterialX Logo Images

A number of different high-resolution versions of the MaterialX Logo are available for inclusion in application visuals and promotional materials for products using or compatible with MaterialX: