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SimpleWindow Class Reference

A platform-independent window class. More...

#include <SimpleWindow.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~SimpleWindow ()
 Default destructor.
bool initialize (const char *title, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, void *applicationShell)
 Window initialization.
WindowWrapperPtr getWindowWrapper ()
 Return our platform-specific resource wrapper.
unsigned int width () const
 Return width of window.
unsigned int height () const
 Return height of window.
bool isValid () const
 Check for validity.

Static Public Member Functions

static SimpleWindowPtr create ()
 Static instance create function.

Protected Attributes

WindowWrapperPtr _windowWrapper
unsigned int _width
unsigned int _height
unsigned int _id

Detailed Description

A platform-independent window class.

Plaform-specific resources are encapsulated by a WindowWrapper instance.

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