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Half Class Reference

A lightweight 16-bit half-precision float class. More...

#include <Types.h>

Public Member Functions

 Half (float value)
 operator float () const
bool operator== (Half rhs) const
bool operator!= (Half rhs) const
bool operator< (Half rhs) const
bool operator> (Half rhs) const
bool operator<= (Half rhs) const
bool operator>= (Half rhs) const
Half operator+ (Half rhs) const
Half operator- (Half rhs) const
Half operator* (Half rhs) const
Half operator/ (Half rhs) const
Halfoperator+= (Half rhs)
Halfoperator-= (Half rhs)
Halfoperator*= (Half rhs)
Halfoperator/= (Half rhs)
Half operator- () const

Detailed Description

A lightweight 16-bit half-precision float class.

Based on the public-domain implementation by Paul Tessier.

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