MaterialX 1.39.0
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Util.h File Reference

Utility methods. More...

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MX_CORE_API string getVersionString ()
 Return the version of the MaterialX library as a string.
MX_CORE_API std::tuple< int, int, int > getVersionIntegers ()
 Return the major, minor, and build versions of the MaterialX library as an integer tuple.
MX_CORE_API string createValidName (string name, char replaceChar='_')
 Create a valid MaterialX name from the given string.
MX_CORE_API bool isValidName (const string &name)
 Return true if the given string is a valid MaterialX name.
MX_CORE_API string incrementName (const string &name)
 Increment the numeric suffix of a name.
MX_CORE_API StringVec splitString (const string &str, const string &sep)
 Split a string into a vector of substrings using the given set of separator characters.
MX_CORE_API string joinStrings (const StringVec &strVec, const string &sep)
 Join a vector of substrings into a single string, placing the given separator between each substring.
MX_CORE_API string replaceSubstrings (string str, const StringMap &stringMap)
 Apply the given substring substitutions to the input string.
MX_CORE_API string stringToLower (string str)
 Return a copy of the given string with letters converted to lower case.
MX_CORE_API bool stringStartsWith (const string &str, const string &prefix)
 Return true if the given string starts with the given prefix.
MX_CORE_API bool stringEndsWith (const string &str, const string &suffix)
 Return true if the given string ends with the given suffix.
MX_CORE_API string trimSpaces (const string &str)
 Trim leading and trailing spaces from a string.
template<typename T >
void hashCombine (size_t &seed, const T &value)
 Combine the hash of a value with an existing seed.
MX_CORE_API StringVec splitNamePath (const string &namePath)
 Split a name path into string vector.
MX_CORE_API string createNamePath (const StringVec &nameVec)
 Create a name path from a string vector.
MX_CORE_API string parentNamePath (const string &namePath)
 Given a name path, return the parent name path.



Detailed Description

Utility methods.