MaterialX  1.38.5
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Interface.h File Reference

Interface element subclasses. More...

#include <MaterialXCore/Export.h>
#include <MaterialXCore/Geom.h>

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class  PortElement
 The base class for port elements such as Input and Output. More...
class  Input
 An input element within a Node or NodeDef. More...
class  Output
 A spatially-varying output element within a NodeGraph or NodeDef. More...
class  InterfaceElement
 The base class for interface elements such as Node, NodeDef, and NodeGraph. More...


using PortElementPtr = shared_ptr< PortElement >
 A shared pointer to a PortElement.
using ConstPortElementPtr = shared_ptr< const PortElement >
 A shared pointer to a const PortElement.
using InputPtr = shared_ptr< Input >
 A shared pointer to an Input.
using ConstInputPtr = shared_ptr< const Input >
 A shared pointer to a const Input.
using OutputPtr = shared_ptr< Output >
 A shared pointer to an Output.
using ConstOutputPtr = shared_ptr< const Output >
 A shared pointer to a const Output.
using InterfaceElementPtr = shared_ptr< InterfaceElement >
 A shared pointer to an InterfaceElement.
using ConstInterfaceElementPtr = shared_ptr< const InterfaceElement >
 A shared pointer to a const InterfaceElement.
using CharSet = std::set< char >

Detailed Description

Interface element subclasses.